Monday, January 31, 2011

Response Post 1, Week 3

In response to Candis' Calisthenics, Week 3

The poem that came from the random lines from random sources was packed with loads of images. There is the image of male menopause, which I laughed at. The image of a murdered girl. Also the image of someone smelling the dawn drafts. The arrangement of the lines that made up the poem was interesting, but I would like to see som of the lines moved around more. There is no doubt that there is enough material for this to be a very interesting piece of work. I would like to suggest that the second line become the first line and the fourth line become the third line. I think with a few revisions and playing around with the lines that this could really blossom into an awesome piece. 

Free Write, Week 3

I thought it was abstract
so how come when I 
go to CVS the day before
the dumbest holiday ever created,
by humans of course, 
I can touch the bears, candy stored in boxes with pretty ribbons,
red, pink, and white pencils and pens, and the list goes on?

why didn't they just leave it the way it should be, untouched but well loved.

Sign Inventory 3, Week 3 (Dan Albergotti's "Lessons of th Elements: Air"

  • The specific title of this poem is "Air" but the first line of the poem makes me as the reader assume the speaker is talking about going under water. Even though the speaker did not say "water", I automatically thought water.
  • Air seems to be the element that the speaker wants to save him from "drowning".
  • The poet establishes a struggle in the life of the speaker. "I was an old man drowning/in his hospital room, going down". 

Junkyard Quote 9-12, Week 3

"You keep penetrating the question!"
- My friend Tyrone said this to me this weekend because I kept nagging him with a question while him and my other friend were trying to talk about something else.

"I'm such a hypocrite, thank goodness I can admit it."
-I said this to myself because I had a conversation with a friend about why females go back to complicated things and a few days later I did the thing I was preaching about.

"any female who puts her hand on a male, with the intentions of violence, is only looking for attention"
- my opinion to someone's relationship issues

"Q: how come we neva play sex evolution?"

"A: i didnt know that was a game and they have books that can evolve sex"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Junkyard Quote 5-8, Week 2

"Someone should have warned you/When things start splitting at the seams and now/The whole thing's tumbling down"
-Cee-Lo Green, "No One's Gonna Love You", Lady Killer

"Opening up this can of soup with caution."
- I said this while having a conversation with myself about something that's been on my mind lately

"There hasn't been school for a while so it's going to be a little awkward." 
-ABC News.

"We aint married but tonight I need some consummation"
-Kanye West, "Devil in a New Dress", My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Response to

Response to

free entry 1, week 1

Trees get cut down every day. it's not the end of the world. even though that's what it seem like when all that's left of the big beautiful tree is a stump. The village people were so stumped as to why their special tree that had been in their family for hundreds of years was murdered and left with evidence of it's death. the tree used to provide food, shelter, and more wisdom than any village elder could. All the women of the village began walking through the forest striving to find a better, more worthy, more beautiful tree that will help keep their husbands and children and elders alive and healthy. 

Sign Inventory 1, Week 1

Improving 1, Week 1

Calisthenics 1, Week 1

Cows milk
Cows milk is stolen
Cows milk is stolen from the cow
Cows milk is stolen from the cow to be given to humans. 

Hate is
Hate is an abstract
Hate is an abstract emotion
Hate is an absract emotion caused by
Hate is an abstract emotion caused by poisons in the skull.

Babies sleep
Babies sleep as much
Babies sleep as much as bears
Babies sleep as much as bears during hibernation.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Junkyard Quote 1-4, Week 1

"You're genes do not determine your fate"
-Professor Laplante, UWG

"Makers have a different attitude than takers do"
-Pastor Anthony, Oasis Family Life Church

"Now that I'm up and tired of recycling this limited amount of breathing air that's compacted in this room, I want to go mingle with living souls"
-Atarah Rumph

"Once you choose hope, anything's possible."  
-Christopher Reeve, I looked this up to put in my homework assignment for Sports Psychology