Monday, April 25, 2011

Junkyard Quote (Week 15)

"I always say you can tell a lot about a school from their website, housing, and student organizations."  -me

"Justin will capture you're heart when he gets older, that's when his voicebox will drop lower and he will be ripped!!"-me, conversation with a friend about Justin Beiber

"You sound dumb. If people don't go to mega-churches then it wouldn't be a mega-church."- some dude on twitter arguing with someone about mega churches 

"Girl just Youtube it, there are plenty of hair stylist on there and they don't even want any of your money." - comment on my friend's status on facebook

Monday, April 18, 2011

Calisthenics (Week 14)

Collection of things that go together

He was...

the drumstick to my snare drum
the scaffold to my under-constructed building
the comb to my nappy roots
the shower to my cap
the flower to my pot
the paint to my brush
the mouth to my wash
the smell to my new car
the lift to my face
the moth to my flame
the salt to my watermelon
the crunchy peanut butter to my grape jelly
the cheese to my wine
the bread to my butter.

Junkyard Quote (Week 14)

"You're either a leader, follower, or a shadow." - Atarah

"mis-education is mis-education no matter if it's coming through a radio station, coming out of a book, or a teacher" - lupe fiasco ( heard this from a video I was watching on worldstarhiphop about if rappers are role models)

"So, marijuana is a gateway drug because I went from watching Weeds to watching Breaking Bad." - Atarah ( If none of you have seen neither one these shows then you should. Weeds is about weed and a family struggling to pick up the pieces of a dead father and husband. Breaking Bad is about meth and this chemistry teacher's strange twist in his life.)

""He already ruined your mascara. Don't let him ruin your night." - Carolyn Hanley, best friend from kindergarten 

Free Write (Week 14)

New York

I cried when my father died
he was born in New York
the best state ever established
all those busy streets full of
sex, drugs, and hunger!
I've always been jealous of him,
the farthest I've ever been
was to Jonesboro
and that's always a bore
and I snore pretty loudly in the
car when driving back with mom
drifting in and out of sleep
dreaming about how life would have
been if I was in the Breakfast Club.
There is an actual Breakfast Club
that requires members to pay monthly
$200 for 365 days worth of Berry Berry Kicks.
Dreaming of the Coldest Winter Ever,
I envy the snow my father played in,
the snow that fills the streets
then turns a dirty blackish color
it always confused me why white turns black.
I miss my father even though
I never knew him.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Free Write

i always thought the backside
of a dime was an image of
wheat or barley in a field growly freely.
as i got older, my life went
on from my childhood imagination
until one day i was paying
attention to a dime
and realized how wrong i was.
the back of a dime is not
an image of wheat in field,
it actually is an image
of a flower, the burning flame that sererandes
the Olympics and some type of plant-like substance.
anybody noticed how all of these
beautiful things are being
trapped in in circled by the words
"United States of America"
and ""one dime".

Junkyard Quotes

"Obviously menopause has effected your sense of smell." - Weeds

"I just saw the woman I'm going to marry. I know it. But I lost her." - Big Fish

" Do you ever get down on your knees and thank God you know me and have access to my dementia?" - George Castanza

"is he a cracker or is he a biscotti? - me

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Improv (Week 10)

Bad Language by Dan Albergotti

We fear to speak, and silence coats the night air.
So we are dumb, as quiet as the kitchen pans
hanging on their cabinet hooks. What words
do we even have? The root of fuck is as much
to strike as to copulate. And sometimes ravish
is to rape. But when you're ravishing, you're
beautiful. Strikingly beautiful. Other tongues
do not help. Try saying "kiss me" on the streets
of Paris. God does not help. The Bible is full
of prohibition. Thou shalt not, saith the lord.
No sounds like know. To know is to understand.
In the Bible to know is to fuck. What do you mean
when you say no? I think I know. I want to know.
Understand me. You're ravishing. I want to know
you. Strike me. Don't leave me alone with self-
knowledge and these rich, fruitless, unspoken words.

Language is bad in the right situations by Atarah Rumph

Too scared to speak fearing it will
fuck up the mood, she continues to
lay on the bottom as his pelvic bone thrust
into hip bone. Damn he needs to eat
some collard green with pork and beans.
She needed to lose weight, but only in the
stomach area. Muffin top is just a cute
word to say not to look at. If they were
in a picture, the effect would be sepia
the way the basement had that
1987 feel to it. You know the one
where when you swept the dirt
off the floor, the wind would sneak it
back in. The worn out couch, ashtrays on the ground,
liquor bottled on top of the entertainment center,
15 inch television showing the scores to
the previous game of Mortal Combat, the smell of
fried chicken being warmed up, hormone levels rising,
understanding between two complicated young adults.
Waking up from a cat nap, his eyes greeted her body
and welcomed his hands to caress her nose.
They always spoke in sign language.