Monday, April 18, 2011

Junkyard Quote (Week 14)

"You're either a leader, follower, or a shadow." - Atarah

"mis-education is mis-education no matter if it's coming through a radio station, coming out of a book, or a teacher" - lupe fiasco ( heard this from a video I was watching on worldstarhiphop about if rappers are role models)

"So, marijuana is a gateway drug because I went from watching Weeds to watching Breaking Bad." - Atarah ( If none of you have seen neither one these shows then you should. Weeds is about weed and a family struggling to pick up the pieces of a dead father and husband. Breaking Bad is about meth and this chemistry teacher's strange twist in his life.)

""He already ruined your mascara. Don't let him ruin your night." - Carolyn Hanley, best friend from kindergarten 

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